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Secretary’s Corner – May 2021 – Daniel Pearson


At our last virtual monthly meeting, we hosted Dr. Bijan Aalami, a Principal with PT‐Structures, who presented on “Design Steps of Post‐Tensioned Floors”.

Dr. Aalami’s presentation, as the title suggests, covered the design process for post-tensioned concrete floors. His presentation began by presenting general rules of thumb and hand calculation methods for determining the general structural system, approximate member sizes, and amount of post-tensioning required. He then covered a typical detailed design process including information on finite element modeling and the various load cases and conditions that need to be checked. Dr. Aalami concluded the presentation by discussing detailing for code compliance and for improved in-service performance. Dr. Aalami has since shared a PDF of his presentation, which can be accessed at this link.

Join us at our next virtual monthly meeting on May 20th, 2021. We are honored to host Dr. Ben Shao with Arup who will be presenting on “Hurricane Risk Modeling of a Portfolio of Mission-Critical Assets Using Progressive Failure Simulation”. We look forward to seeing everyone then!