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Volunteer Opportunities

We have volunteer opportunites available with SEAoT Houston/Gulf Coast, SEAoT as a whole, and in the community. We welcome any interest or offers! Contact [email protected] to get in touch.

Community Volunteering

Engineers Alliance for the Arts,http://eaabayarea.org

VOLUNTEER to inspire Heights High School students towards science and engineering! Using established curriculum, the Engineers Alliance for the Arts – Houston Expansion Project is currently bringing hands on engineering directly into two classrooms throughout this spring semester. Volunteers are needed! We are looking for volunteer engineers, architects and design professionals to fill teaching spots and mentor high school students in the program. This is a great opportunity to give back to the community – particularly to inspire high school students to potentially pursue engineering or design in college – and also polish your knowledge of bridge design and construction. This opportunity is open to engineers at all levels, regardless of experience. Having just completed Engineers Week, the importance and significance of engineering can truly be brought home to our students.

See the Engineers Alliance for the Arts flyer at this link.

Contact Ed Kile for information on volunteering: Direct: 713-779-1701. Email: [email protected]