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Treasurer’s Corner – September 2020 – Daniel Pearson


I hope everyone is doing well during this difficult time. I wanted to provide an update on the financial position of the SEAoT Houston Chapter.

The largest expenses we have had this year were the January and February monthly meetings, which were $1,470.00 and $897.00, respectively. Since the February meeting, SEAoT Houston has not hosted any in person meetings due to COVID-19. The largest expenses since then were the SEAoT contribution for the Engineering Alliance for the Arts (EAA) program and the HESS Club donation, which were $539.98 and $250.00, respectively. Other smaller expenses such as meeting supplies have also occurred.

Below is a summary of the current Houston Gulf Coast Chapter’s assets.

  • Checking Account: $6,131.72
  • Savings Account: $32,834.35
  • Total: $38,966.07

The Houston Gulf Coast Chapter’s financial position is still incredibly strong. The board will continue to look for opportunities to invest this money back into the chapter, while following the recommendations from local, state and federal agencies regarding the COVID-19.

Daniel Pearson, P.E.
Houston Gulf Coast Chapter Treasurer
[email protected]