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Treasurer’s Corner – May 2022 – Ashish Patel


Meet SEAoT Houston’s new Treasurer, Ashish Patel. Ashish is a Senior Structural Engineer and Subject Matter Expert at Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. and has a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, India.

As a professional engineer with 20 years of experience and a subject matter expert at LAN, Mr. Patel leads the analysis and design of complex projects that involve unique challenges associated with structures that involve moving mechanisms, environmental and dynamic loading including hurricane force winds, flooding, loads from vessel motion (marine), blast loading, and seismic events. Ashish’s work experience spans equally across Horizontal Work Structures and Vertical Work Structures. Ashish has provided structural engineering services for several Ports and Terminal projects, Ferry Terminal and Ferry Operation projects, numerous Vertical Work projects including Blast Resistant Structures, several Water & Wastewater projects, several Highway and Railroad Bridges and a few Transit System projects. Ashish has provided his expertise in condition assessment, non-destructive testing, forensic analysis, construction vibration analysis and mitigation, establishment of vibration monitoring program for a variety of projects, repair and retrofit solutions for several building structures, several bridge structures as well as several water and wastewater structures. Having witnessed flood hazard firsthand in Houston, Ashish is passionate about ensuring that structures in coastal environments are designed, detailed, and constructed with safeguard and resilience against potential flood hazards. Ashish is a strong proponent of interdisciplinary knowledge and collaboration to achieve innovative and optimized solutions. Ashish is well versed in Geotechnical engineering, Computer programming, and Mechanical engineering apart from Structural engineering.