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Treasurer’s Corner – March 2019 – Daniel Pearson


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Daniel Pearson, and I am transitioning into the treasurer role for the SEAoT Houston Gulf Cost Chapter. Please thank Jonathan Warshaw for the great work he has done as treasurer the past few years.

I am currently reviewing SEAoT’s finances and making a budget for the following year. Based on the review of the budget, the board will make decisions regarding any initiatives that will be taken during the fiscal year.

I would like remind everyone to please invite guests to the monthly meetings and take advantage of our “Bring a Guest” promotion. If a SEAoT member brings a guest to a monthly meeting who is not affiliated with SEAoT, and who has not attended a meeting before, both attendees will have their dinner and presentation costs covered by SEAoT. The board hopes this will help boost attendance and encourage professionals from other disciplines to attend.

The next meeting will feature Mr. George Hartmann, P.E., and he will be presenting on updates on engineering ethics and Code of Conduct, Board Activities, rule and statutory changes, and general updates on Board initiatives. This meeting tends to be heavily attended. I greatly appreciate SEAoT members registering for the meeting ahead of time. Registering for the SEAoT meeting helps get accurate head count and assures the proper accommodations will be provided.


Daniel Pearson, P.E.
[email protected]