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President’s Corner – March 2021 – Joshua White


With spring knocking on our door, Houston is finally experiencing excellent weather (at least compared to all of Texas freezing over just a month ago!). With the pleasant weather also comes the activities of spring around us – trees blossoming and yards thriving. But this spring is different than the beginnings of many springs in our recent past. It is likely safe to say that two years ago, we didn’t fully appreciate the bustling parks and outdoor venues, families joining families without a concern of a deadly virus. It is also likely safe to say that this spring, the signs of life outdoors are more cherished than they have been in the past. A year ago, as many of you also recall, the Houston Rodeo was cancelled, somewhat symbolically ending “spring as we knew it” for 2020. Today, the parks are open, and families are cautiously enjoying the outdoors. With vaccines continuing to roll out, there is a sense of optimism as we all learn a new normal.

One of the things I took for granted in years past is our chapter meetings in person – getting to see our members over a meal and a technical presentation. While for now we are continuing with our online only events, I’m learning to appreciate this “new normal” for the season that it is here. I’m hoping that you will join us in our upcoming virtual chapter meetings to enjoy what we can and hear from our members. I would even encourage you to turn on your webcam!

Stay safe,

Joshua White, Ph.D., P.E.
SEAoT Houston/Gulf Coast