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October 2014 – Techniques, Materials, and Design Considerations for Strengthening and Repair of Existing Concrete Structures – Jay Thomas


Although the analysis, repair and upgrade of existing concrete structures is somewhat of a “scientific art” that has been practiced for many years, it has evolved into a complex science that requires a blend of engineering, material science and construction perspectives. Concrete strengthening and repair projects may utilize traditional materials such as conventional cement-based and steel materials as well as advanced composite carbon materials (FRP’s) that are commonly used for aerospace applications. The techniques used to design and install these materials for upgrade applications are neither common to the engineering nor general construction industry which makes these projects even more challenging and complex than new construction.
This presentation will describe the typical causes, outward signs of distress, design strategies, techniques and materials used for repairing or strengthening concrete structures. The use of each technique will be illustrated through actual case studies. Case studies will cover various types of projects on structures such as chimneys, silos, vaults, circ pipes and transmission towers.
Jay Thomas is a Vice President of the Strengthening Division at STRUCTURAL. He has a 33 years of construction experience in the repair/strengthening of commercial and industrial facilities. He has been involved in over 1300 strengthening projects including 800 FRP strengthening projects. Jay is a graduate engineering of the University of Pennsylvania and is a member of ACI (American Concrete Institute) committees 440 (FRP) and ACI 437 (Strength Evaluation), and the International Concrete Repair Institute.