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May 2021 Webinar – Wind Risk Assessments of Mission Critical Facilities


Join us for our webinar Thursday, May 20, when Dr. Benshun Shao of Arup presents Wind Risk Assessments of Mission Critical Facilities.

  • Thursday, May 20, 2021.
  • Noon-1:00 p.m. (Central).
  • Online webinar.
  • Free to SEAoT attendees.
  • 1.0 PDH with verified attendance (must be logged in for at least 50 minutes of the webinar).

How to register:

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  2. Zoom link for webinar will be provided by email


For mission-critical building assets in wind-prone regions sensitive to operational disruption, probabilistic risk assessments can be performed to understand crucial vulnerabilities and develop mitigation strategies. In this study, we developed an advanced simulation-based wind risk assessment framework to understand the operational risk of a portfolio of mission-critical facilities during high wind events and to provide risk mitigation strategies. 3D progressive damage simulation was used considering different types of primary and secondary effects such as component and cladding damage, wind-driven rain, failure of mechanical and electrical systems, etc. A comprehensive operational simulation procedure was developed to combine with the REDi downtime calculation method to simulate the disruption of business due to direct wind/rain damage, electrical system failure, mechanical system failure, and power utility failure. Individual facility risk, as well as share fate risk for multiple facilities, were calculated considering dependency among facilities and interaction with public utilities. Risk mitigation strategies were proposed with cost-benefit analyses to provide the most efficient option to reduce operational downtime and financial loss.


Benshun Shao, PE, PhD
Arup, San Francisco

Ben is a structural analyst in the Advanced Technology + Research Team at Arup San Francisco Office. Before joining Arup, he obtained his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in the field of earthquake engineering. Since joining Arup, he has been engaged in a wide variety of projects within the field of seismic engineering, natural hazard risk modeling, numerical analysis of structural and geo-mechanical systems. Ben has deep knowledge of finite element analysis, quantitative risk modeling, and simulation of building structures under natural hazards.