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2018-2019 TAMU SEAoT Student Chapter Activities


September 2018

For our first meeting of the Fall 2018 Semester, we had the privilege of hosting Mr. Drew Dudley, P.E. from Dudley Engineering, LLC. He discussed the design of three recent projects utilizing cold-formed steel. We learned how cold-formed steel can be implemented efficiently in the design of storage unit facilities. Our students learned how Dudley Engineering utilizes advanced 3D and visualization software to facilitate enhanced coordination and provide the owner an accessible avenue to visualize the proposed structure. Mr. Dudley and two of his associates described their career experiences and provided advice on steps a recent-graduate can take to become an effective engineer in today’s industry.

October 2018

Figure 1: Luc Dewailly of LA Fuess Partners presenting on the Frost Tower

For our second meeting of the semester, we hosted Mr. Luc Dewailly, P.E, LEED AP and Jonathan Brower, P.E. from L.A. Fuess Partners. Mr. Brower discussed the recently-completed Legacy West mixed-use development in Plano, TX. He described the design of a podium-slab system for a large-scale parking garage, detailed the structural challenges of designing for a local brewery above a food hall, and displayed many interesting photos of the site during construction. Mr. Dewailly focused on Frost Tower, a 25-story office building in Fort Worth, TX. He described how wind tunnel test data was used to design the lateral force resisting system and how lateral load is transferred in high-rise structures.

November 2018

As the Fall 2018 Semester came to an end, the SEAoT TAMU Student Chapter hosted a luncheon in which all of our members gathered together. This was an excellent opportunity to take a break from final exam preparations and enjoy some delicious food provided by Layne’s Chicken. Our Past President, Codi McKee, wrapped up the semester by thanking everyone for their involvement and encouraging students to consider running for a student officer position in the spring semester.

February 2019

For our first meeting of the Spring 2019 Semester, we had the privilege of hosting Mr. Steven Hague, P.E. from HNTB. Mr. Hague discussed the new US-82 Bridge over the Mississippi River. He detailed multiple design tasks including wind, seismic, and erection analysis, and time-dependent effects. He also described how tests completed by the US Army Corp of Engineers were used to analyze vessel collisions. Mr. Hague provided valuable information regarding the design of substructure and superstructure members in cable-stayed bridges. He also described the design and construction of open-dredged caissons for the main pier foundations. This was an extraordinary opportunity for all of our students interested in bridge design to hear from an industry-leading expert. At the end of the meeting, we held elections to appoint the new student officers for the 2019 year.

March 2019

Figure 2: Luke Nelson of Datum Engineers presenting on the Austin Central Library

For our second meeting of the Spring 2019 Semester, we hosted Mr. Luke Nelson, P.E. and Tim Stocks, P.E. from Datum Engineers. Mr. Nelson presented on the highly-acclaimed Austin Central Library.  He walked through the entire design process with amazing visuals, demonstrating how architectural constraints influenced the structural design of various components including the exposed 6-story central atrium, zig-zagging stairs, and steel skybridges. He detailed the complex design of a steel-frame system for an open skylight and how to design members based on stability. Most importantly, Mr. Nelson described the art of structural engineering and the impact structures can have on a community. Afterwards, Mr. Nelson extended an invitation to all of our students for a construction tour of the newly-designed Texas A&M Polo Garage which is expected to take place in the fall semester.

April 2019

Figure 3: Dennis Wittry of Walter P Moore presenting on the Capitol Tower

For our final meeting of the Spring 2019 Semester, we had the privilege of hosting Mr. Dennis Wittry, P.E, S.E, from Walter P Moore. Mr. Wittry discussed the extraordinary Capitol Tower, a new 35-story Class-A office development located in downtown Houston, TX. He described multiple design aspects including the demolition of the existing structure, the design of the mat-foundation, and the design of vertically sloped columns. He focused on structural sustainability and described the process of designing under LEED v4. He detailed how WPM was able to work with the concrete supplier to develop and implement a new class of materials to achieve LEED Platinum Certification. Afterwards, Mr. Wittry invited our students to attend a seminar the following day in which he presented on digital practices within the structural engineering industry.

Figure 4: Dennis Wittry describing the design of vertically sloped columns