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Secretary’s Corner – March 2020 – Sara Buerstinghaus


Thanks to everyone who made it to our last monthly meeting at Maggiano’s for Dr. Melanie Sarzynski’s talk “Engineering Critical Assessments to Evaluate Crack-like Flaws Using Fracture Mechanics”. Melanie has extensive experience in solid mechanics analyses, including evaluation of various failure modes to support design and fitness for service (FFS) assessments. She specialized in advanced finite element analysis, fatigue evaluation, and fracture mechanics assessment.

Dr. Sarzynski presented an introduction to engineering critical assessments (ECA) and the use of fracture mechanics to evaluate crack-like flaws in a variety of pressurized equipment and other structures. She discussed the basics of fatigue assessment and applications where fracture mechanics are suitable, along with the relevant industry guidance standards. Using a case study, she discussed the various inspection techniques, material data requirements, load history treatment, and relevant failure modes. In this case study, the flaw acceptance criteria for an offshore structure were developed to ensure adequate remaining life.

In our next meeting, Dr. David Eastwood will present “Geotechnical considerations in design and construction of tilt-up buildings and parking lots”. Please be sure to join us when we meet on March 19 at Maggiano’s at Memorial City Mall.