Home Student Chapter SEAoT-TAMU Updates – November 2022 – Jay Parmar

SEAoT-TAMU Updates – November 2022 – Jay Parmar


November 1st, 2022 | IMEG | SEAoT TAMU 5th General Meeting

For the fourth meeting of the Fall Semester, we had the privilege of hosting Garrett Coleman from IMEG. He discussed some of the projects Austin office has done nationally and internationally. He also quickly went through the challenge they faced in those projects and how their team addressed challenges. He also gave advice for the graduate student to became successful in their early career such as reading the code, software manual for interpret the result and optimal use of it. He also talked about asking right question to peer engineers and emphasis double checking working with hand calculation or spread sheet. Last we had great question from student member to end the session.

November 15th, 2022 | Pivot Engineers | SEAoT TAMU 6th General Meeting

For sixth and last general meeting we hosted Micheal Ahren, PE, Principal from Pivot Engineers Pivot Engineers is the forensic structural engineering firm based out of Austin TX. They provide service in investigation, non-destructive testing, consulting, and repair and strengthening design. He discussed the different aspect of the forensic engineering thorough the project they worked on the Austonian tower in Austin. From tower concrete started following from the edge of the slab to down on street. The slab was prestressed with strands. The main reason behind the concrete started falling off the edge was the contractor did not provide the enough cover at edge and as per the drawings. Which allowed moisture to penetrate in concrete and led to destressing in strands. For the solution they removed all the loose concrete from the edge and provided GFRP U shape dowel bar with enough cover and grouting. They also did prototype experimental study in the laboratory to check the efficacy of the new system. Lastly, we had interesting Q&A session to wrap up the meeting.

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