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President’s Corner – September 2015 – Al Bustamante


Summer is over. Well, not quite yet for us in Houston. However, the academic summer break is over, school is back, and yes – traffic is terrible (it always is, but during the summer it slows down a bit and now it’s back to the typical gridlock).

On a more positive note, our chapter is in the process of experimenting with having our monthly meetings during the lunch hour as opposed to the typical evening hours. We will continue to have our regular meeting at HESS for now, until we have some data to better determine if a change of venue and time is required.

It is hard for many people to change. This is a word that means getting out of something you are accustomed to (in other words your comfort zone).


I see change as an opportunity, an opportunity to possibly make a positive impact and evolve. We are confronted with “problems” in life all the time and we can choose two approaches:

Option 1. Let the problem control our lives


Option 2: See the problem as an opportunity to learn/grow. I always choose the second option.


One issue that our chapter has faced this year is low attendance to our monthly meetings. This is a great opportunity to evaluate how we can get more attendance. I’m excited to announce that we have over 35 RSVPs to our first lunch seminar as of September 11, 2015 (the lunch seminar is on September 15). We will do another lunch seminar this year and evaluate what kind of response we receive. Stay tuned for additional information on our lunch seminars, which by the way are FREE (free meal and PhDs – can’t beat that deal). We are also working on getting a website for our chapter. There is still lot of work to do on this, so we will take all the help

we can get from our members.

If you have any input or have any questions about our chapter, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: al.bustamante@walkerrestoration.com