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June 6, 2019

Dan Barbuto

President’s Corner

Hello everyone, it is hard to believe we have made it halfway through the year already.  The year has gone by fast. Last month we had our first lunch meeting and it was successful. This month we are having another lunch meeting with a change of venue, at Maggiano’s. One the board's primary goals this year is to increase our SEAoT chapter participation and activity. To achieve these goals, we are making changes and trying new ideas. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we are making changes to the newsletter, meetings, sponsorship and adding happy hours, annual events, and scholarships. I know this is a lot of changes and new ideas and I think this is a good thing.… [MORE]

Joshua White

Secretary’s Corner

As we’ve summarized in past newsletter articles, our survey from earlier this year indicated one of the primary reasons survey respondents missed our monthly meetings was the desire for a more convenient time of day. To address the meeting time, we began our commitment to lunch meetings for the foreseeable future. Our May 16th meeting was the first of these lunch meetings, and was held at the Hess Club. Future meeting times/locations will be provided via the newsletter.… [MORE]

Engineering Alliance for the Arts at Houston Heights High School – 2019 Summary

A group of engineers had a lot of fun this spring teaching students at Houston Heights High School about bridge design and team work. This was the third year that these volunteers administered a program called Engineering Alliance for the Arts (EAA) at the high school. The program started in the San Francisco Bay area in 2000 where structural engineers created the curriculum  (see for more info) for high school students to introduce the world of engineering to the visual and performing arts.… [MORE]

Guillermo Ramirez

June Meeting

Root Cause Analysis of Pressure Vessel Failure

Guillermo (Willy) Ramirez of ABSG will present “Root Cause Analysis of Pressure Vessel Failure” at our June meeting. ABSG Consulting (ABSG) provides engineering services to clients in the areas of Power, Maritime, Chemical and Infrastructure.  One of the offerings ABSG provides is in the incident investigation and root cause analysis areas.  The presentation will focus on the methodology, developed by ABSG, for the determination of root causes and its application to a real life incident at a production facility.  This incident was the failure of a pressure vessel where the head of the vessel was ejected 40 meters into the ocean.  It will provide an overview of the incident, the failure analysis and the following root cause determination along with the recommendations provided to reduce the risk of having repeat accidents with the same consequences.… [MORE]

Please note we have a NEW MEETING LOCATION FOR JUNE!

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June 20, 2019

11:30 am


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12:00 pm Program

Maggiano's Little Italy

2019 Post Oak Blvd

Houston, TX 77056






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