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May 1, 2019

Dan Barbuto

President’s Corner

Hello all, it was great seeing everyone at the April meeting. Since our last meeting, the Houston Gulf coast chapter board has met and began to plan the remaining second half of the year and into 2020. In the interest of transparency and providing a roadmap for the future of our chapter, I would like to highlight the principal conclusions of our meeting. Our board meeting was focused on our monthly meeting schedule and location,… [MORE]

Joshua White

Secretary’s Corner

During our last board meeting, we discussed many upcoming changes you should expect to see in the coming months. These changes are primarily the result of the survey that we sent out earlier in the year (we appreciate all of your feedback to this survey!).

As briefly summarized in our article posted here from our recent survey, the primary reasons survey respondents missed our monthly meetings were the.… [MORE]

Tristian Ybarra


Howdy! From all our members of the SEAoT Student Chapter at Texas A&M University, I would like to extend a warm greeting and provide you with an updated newsletter describing the past activities and changes within our organization. This year has been filled with many events which I am excited to share with you. Most recently, our chapter elected three new student officers to lead our organization in the upcoming.… [MORE]

Jacob Borgerson

Technical Note

Concrete Slab Moisture… Why won’t the slab dry?!

The concrete slab is placed, the building is fully enclosed, but the floor covering hasn’t been installed. Why? Because the slab isn’t dry enough. Excessive concrete slab moisture can cause floor coverings to bubble, blister, and delaminate. OK… but why won’t the slab dry?!… [MORE]

David A. Eastwood

May Meeting

Geoforensic Investigation of a Storage Dome Collapse at a Plant, Louisiana, USA

Mr. Eastwood will present the Geoforensic evaluation of a dome failure north of the Mississippi River bank. The plant consisted of three iron ore storage domes, 248-ft diameter and 124-ft height. Each dome was designed to store of about 230,000-ton iron ore. After construction completed in 2013, an iron ore surcharge load exceeding the design load, was placed on the subsoils.  This resulted in failure of the dome.… [MORE]

Please note we have a NEW MEETING TIME FOR MAY!

see table below for details and registration







May 16, 2019

11:30 am


11:45 am


12:00 pm Program



and Scientific


5430 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77056






Student members &

Non-dinner guests


Click here to

register online.

The deadline is

12:00 pm the Tuesday before

June 20, 2019

Guillermo Ramirez (ABS)

Sept 19, 2019



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